Product Description

A gourmet product which is white-cream in colour with a full-bodied flavour profile typical of Caesar Dressing. It is viscous and spoonable


Water, vinegar, vegetable oil (canola), sugar, cheese powder (milk solids, cheese solids, salt, mineral salts (339, 331), hydrolysed vegetable protein, food acid (270)), thickeners 1416, spices, salt, food acids (262, 330), fish extract (0.5%), vegetable gum (415), preservative 202, 211.


May contain traces of egg, soy, sesame.

Directions for use

This gourmet dressing can be used on salads, meals, sandwiches and wherever a flavour enhancement is required.

Nutrition Information

Quantity per serving 20 g Quantity per 100 g
Energy (kjs) 219kj 1100kj
Protein (g) <1g 2.0g
Fat(total) 4.0g 19.7g
Fat(saturated) <1g 3.0g
Carbohydrate(total) 3.8g 19.2g
Carbohydrate(sugar) 3.8g 17.0g
Sodium 90mg 450mg


Storage instructions

Store refrigerated below 5 degrees.

Shelf Life

9 months from the date of manufacture.

Country of origin

Made in Australia from at least 80% Australian ingredients.


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